Hello! I'm Julia.


I'm Julia.

I’m an organizational development practitioner who is fascinated by leadership and culture and truly loves orgs. Organizations come in many forms – businesses, non-profits, schools, etc., but one thing all organizations have in common is individuals. Individuals with different worldviews, passions, and idiosyncrasies. Learning how individuals come together to create an organization that maximizes its potential in every single area of their business is my passion. I do this through organizational structuring, change management, leadership development, executive coaching, and culture improvement. I take it you ended up here via social media, seeing me speak at a training or conference, heard about me from a client, or maybe you read one of my articles or blog posts. However you may have stumbled upon this site, know that I believe it is for a reason. I’m here to help you turn your organization’s goals into reality quickly, because as we all know time is our most valuable asset. So let’s not waste another minute. Here, we don’t just dwell on possibility. We plan for it and execute it.

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