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Julia Wiener

As a proactive and collaborative team leader, Julia possesses a proven track record of generating new business by cultivating new relationships with key decision-makers. She has earned a reputation as a thought leader who is equally as analytical as she is a visionary.

Julia was co-owner of a manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce company that has gained recognition in Inc. magazine’s 2018 Top 5000 (Rank 1106) fastest-growing private companies in America. Julia and her partners took the company from its inception to an international company that shipped tens of thousands of packages each month and employed over 300 people. They sold the company to a Fortune 500 company in 2019.

Her most recent role was Director of Leadership & Organizational Development. Julia worked collaboratively with the executive management team in driving talent management and leadership development strategies by designing and implementing programs to meet the needs of her diverse workforce.

Her previous role was at Fluor Corporation, a Fortune 200 company specializing in international engineering and construction. There, she led a multi-national team while being deployed to Afghanistan for a $5B construction and logistics project for 18 months. She then moved on to become the Project Manager and Corporate Sales Board Manager upon her return to the States.

Julia’s personal profile is shaped by strong family values, a superior work ethic, and an integrity-driven competitive nature that drives her to exceed goals and motivate those around her. As an instinctive leader, she reaps personal fulfillment by helping others tap into their inner excellence and aligning their personal growth with the company’s short and long-term business goals.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina Upstate, a Master of Business Administration degree from Webster University. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate for a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Development at Indiana Wesleyan University – expected in 2023.

In addition to her professional achievements, Julia loves volunteering in church activities. She serves as the vice president of the board of directors at Attitudes and Attire and a board member at the Hope Clinic of McKinney, both local non-profits that fulfill her passion for helping underserved communities and empowering women. She lives in Allen, TX, with her husband, Matthew, a six-year-old daughter, a nine-month-old son, and a son who lives in heaven.

Career Highlights

  • Created and managed Emerging Leaders Programs, a Women’s Development Program and an Employee Engagement Program at Vape Wild.
  • Entrusted by the Fluor Corporate Sales Board to oversee the system enhancement process for globally with 430 licensed users.
  • Led a multi-national team on a $5B logistics project in Afghanistan for more than a year.
Speaking / Upcoming Engagements

Speaking / Upcoming Engagements



Aurora Training Advantage Webinar - Julia Blandin WienerThe Do’s and Don’ts of a Flexible Work Schedule

Aurora Training Advantage
March 5, 2020

Having a well thought out flexible work schedule plan will help you determine the boundaries, guidelines, and necessary training for your employees before implementing a flexible work schedule option. Join Julia Wiener as she guides you through an interactive webinar on the do’s and don’ts of a creating a flexible work schedule in your organization.  More info | Register

Recent Press

Recent Press

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One thing I love more than helping organizations and leaders reach their goals is giving my expertise and resources to non-profits that are truly making a difference in our world.

You all know of the large, nonprofits that are doing amazing work on a global scale, such as the United Way or Habitat for Humanity, but I love supporting nonprofits with whom I have a personal connection and I can truly see and touch what they do for their communities. Below are the top three small, locally based non-profits that I am loving right now. I will update this list as I connect with new non-profits.

Dreams Gifts and Imagination (D.I.G)

D.I.G. develops STEM opportunities to further rural growth and development through education, mentorship, recreation, and community engagement. The founder, Steven Brown, and his wife Michelle are dear friends of ours. I met Steven more than a decade ago as we worked together at Fluor in Greenville, SC. Steven, my husband Matt, and I then all worked on a government project in Afghanistan. Upon our return, Steven, an engineer, began telling me about his passion for the kids in the rural parts of South Carolina where he grew up and asked me to look over his business plan. Steven was fortunate to play football at the University of South Carolina and earn an engineering degree, but the kids from his extremely rural and impoverished hometown are not afforded the same opportunities. Through D.I.G, Steven and his team created after school programs, summer programs, and now the largest festival to ever take place in the small town of Williston, SC – all focused on science, technology, engineering, and math. I love following D.I.G on social media to see the kids learn, play, and build confidence in a supportive environment – we need so much more of this! We support Steven and Michelle in everything they do!

Attitudes and Attire

Attitudes and Attire is dedicated to promoting personal growth for women seeking self-sufficiency. I have the honor of serving as vice president on the board of directors at Attitudes & Attire. We help women who are homeless, recovering addicts, or just down on their luck, get organized, energized, and back on their feet. One way we do that is by helping them develop job skills, confidence, and providing them with an outfit to interview in. One of my favorite services is our Hopeful Smiles program. We partner with local dentists to give free chair time to women who have gone through our programs. These women are usually in dire need of dental care from drug abuse or physical abuse. It’s really special to give someone their smile back! One of our most popular benefits is the Boots to Heels program which helps female veterans gain self-esteem after traumatic events and also helps them cope with entering the civilian workplace. Lyn Berman, the founder and executive director founded the organization in 1996 and she is one of the best human beings I know. She has a servant’s heart and is always strategizing on how to make the agency better. She truly brings out the best in people. We have been proud supporters of Attitudes and Attire for nearly 5 years!

The Hope Clinic of McKinney

The Hope Clinic of McKinney is a faith-based medical clinic that provides free health care services and resources to low-income, uninsured McKinney, TX residents. They offer comprehensive health care services from pediatric care, to physical therapy, to dermatology and counseling. One of our dear friends volunteers at the Hope Clinic every week and invited us to their annual fundraising event (where we went crazy on the silent auction, like we always do!). There we met Caitlin Twyman, the executive director and her husband Stephen, who is a doctor and of course a volunteer at the clinic. They invited us to dinner in their home which was so unique in the current days of mostly virtual connections. Our daughters are the same age so they played while we learned so much about the Hope Clinic. Caitlin and Stephen truly live out the mission and values of the Hope Clinic, day in and day out. They were so transparent and we could feel the passion for the clinic radiating from both of them. We can not wait to begin a relationship with the Hope Clinic!



Julia contributes original and resourceful ideas to potential problems and issues that arise. She demonstrates the ability to identify, analyze and solve problems.Julia is always eager and willing to accept new and challenging projects and work responsibilities. Julia is someone I can trust and have great respect for in how she interacts with employees and serves as an excellent role model to all.

M. Maki

Director of Human Resources

Julia and I combined efforts on various objectives throughout the years. Including, but not limited to Compliance, Research, and Professional Development. I can go on for days about each of these projects and how her specific role has positively impacted the organization. However, to keep it brief, I’ll focus on Compliance. She transitioned into this high-priority department because of her ability to meet critical deadlines and communicate effectively.

This assignment would take up to twelve weeks (which was already a stretch), but due to unforeseen circumstances, she had six – in other words, impossible. Not to mention, there were resource limitations, budget constraints, etc. As a problem solver, Julia quickly realized how to conquer the challenge:

  1. Delegate appropriately to internal/external personnel.
  2. Maintain balance within the department.
  3. Keep all the stakeholders abreast by sending out pertinent summaries.

Ultimately, the deadline was met and allowed our organization to expand and grab additional market share. By the way, did I mention? All this while she was 7-8 months pregnant…

Bottom Line; Julia is a go-getter, leader, and mentor.

S. Hussain

Chief Compliance Officer

Julia has a composed, energized and graceful presence. When she participated in meetings or presentations that energy & positivity spread to the participants in the room and often into the subject we would be discussing. She has a natural intellectual curiosity that made her an active and engaged listener which often enabled her to quickly build important trust relationships. Another strength is her positive attitude which conveys confidence – very important leader attribute. Her work was always professional, thoughtful and organized. I would list genuineness as one additional and refreshing strength. She never seemed to get defeated even in the messiest of times!

All of the above were meaningful for both the company and the people, including myself, that Julia worked with. When Julia spoke you were drawn to listen due to her genuineness and interest in the subject or whomever she was speaking to. As for accomplishment, Julia’s strengths allowed her to convey important tasks and messages for the group and function she worked within. She also made an impact on those which she worked most closely – long lasting and positive relationships.

R. Pannill

VP Human Resources Business Partner